Addressing Aging Through Facial Fat Transfer

Are you searching for an effective anti-aging option? Choose the facial fat transfer procedure at Mayberry Plastic Surgery. Also known as lipofilling, this method allows us to move fat from one part of the body, which are the donor sites, to another.

Fat can be injected in all the places that a dermal filler can be used, such as nasolabial folds (smile lines), marionette lines, and cheeks.

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Benefits of the Procedure

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    Fat is a natural, non-allergenic product.

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    After the fat is stabilized, results tend to be permanent.

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    The procedure takes about an hour.

Is Fat Transfer Permanent?

Yes and no. No, since the body will absorb between 20% and 50% of the injected fat. Yes, since approximately 50 to 80% of the fat will remain. To deal with this challenge, most plastic surgeons will overfill the designated areas, knowing that some fat will disappear.

All About the Procedure

Under local anesthesia, tiny incisions are made in the donor site(s), which are generally the abdomen or inner thigh. The fat is removed via liposuction and processed.

The pure liquid fat is injected where needed and evenly distributed into the area in very minute amounts. We do this so the transplanted fat is surrounded by healthy tissues, supplying it with oxygen and nutrients.

Recovering From the Procedure

Recovery is similar to injections such as Juvéderm and Botox. There may be swelling afterward that can be controlled with ice packs. Some patients experience bruising, although this can be minimized with our AccuVein vein illumination tool. The longevity of the results will vary from patient to patient.

Reach Out to Our Surgeon

If you have concerns about facial aging, get in touch with us to schedule a private appointment with Dr. Aaron Mayberry. We look forward to hearing from you.