Empower Your Desires Through Sexual Wellness

Address your intimacy concerns with the sexual wellness options of Mayberry Plastic Surgery. We provide a broader definition of physical satisfaction through various programs for men, women, and those in transition.

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For Women

We have three options for addressing vaginal looseness, orgasm challenges, and labia appearance concerns.


It is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment to improve the tightness and elasticity of vaginal tissues. It restores sexual sensation, improves vaginal appearance, and even relieves urinary incontinence.


While men have “the little blue pill,” women have searched for ways to improve both the frequency and intensity of orgasms with little success until now. Cliovana uses non-invasive ultrasound to increase collagen and blood flow in sexually sensitive areas.


Many women suffer physical discomfort and/or embarrassment due to oversized or abnormal labia. Labiaplasty, a plastic surgery procedure, can alter both labia major and minor for a more satisfying appearance.

TOPS Transition for Women

A woman with breast cancer is holding her chest.

For Men

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Our Male Sexual Wellness program provides men with erectile dysfunction with a treatment called Precision ED, a proven noninvasive, painless treatment requiring no pills or surgery.

Breast Reduction

Due to aging, hormone fluctuations, steroids, or certain prescription medications, some men develop gynecomastia, often called moobs or man boobs. Surgical breast reduction has dramatically and positively impacted both the physiques and the emotional happiness of many men in the area.

For Those In Transition

Individuals undergoing gender transformation can also undergo various surgeries, including breast reduction and augmentation.

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