Otoplasty (Ears) FAQ

What is an otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure which helps minimize the appearance of protruding ears by placing them back to a more natural position.

Where are the incision made for an otoplasty?

The incisions for otoplasty are either hidden behind the ears or inside the ears. Both inside and outside ear incisions can be used depending on the patients physical exam.

What is the youngest age to get an otoplasty?

This procedure is performed on children as young as seven years old (when ears are already 80% of adult size) or older as well as on adults.

Who is the best candidate for otoplasty?

The best candidate for otoplasty is a physically healthy individual with realistic expectations who is looking to minimize the appearance of large, protruding ears.

What is the recovery like after otoplasty?

There is typically little discomfort and not too much downtime associated with otoplasty. Some throbbing or aching of the ears can occur, though most patients are up and about within a few hours of their surgery. The protective dressing looks like headphones or the ear protectors that wrestlers wear.

When can I exercise after otoplasty?

Strenuous activities, contact sports, and any activity risking injury to the ear should be avoided for at least one to two months.

When are the stitches removed after otoplasty?

After otoplasty, the stitches are usually removed or dissolve on their own in about a week.

Is only one ear treated if only one is protruding?

Yes, you may have one treated if that is the only protruding.

Will there be scars after otoplasty?

With any surgery you will have a scar. With the otoplasty procedure the incisions are well-hidden behind or inside the ears, the resulting scars are well concealed.