Pout Perfection With Lip Augmentation

Lip enhancement is a non-surgical procedure using dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm or Restylane. These have hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally produced in your body. Our aesthetic nurse injector at Mayberry Plastic Surgery will inject them into your lips to plump them, with results lasting about six to nine months.

A woman with red lipstick and black eyeliner.

What To Expect

A numbing cream is applied to the lips before the injection to diminish any discomfort. Typically, it requires one to two syringes of dermal filler for this procedure. There may be swelling for about a week after your injections, but you can enjoy the lip-enhancing results immediately after your treatment.

Fillers vs. Surgical Lip Augmentation

At Mayberry Plastic Surgery, we prefer injectable fillers over lip implants for several reasons, including but not limited to:

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    Implant exposure and infection are not uncommon

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    Implants do not allow fine aesthetic contouring of the lips.

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    Lip fillers are less invasive than lip implants, and they can be easily dissolved if a patient is unhappy with the result.

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    Lip fillers appear more natural without giving you a trout pout.

Discuss Your Aesthetic Goals

Book a consultation with Mayberry Plastic Surgery to determine if lip enhancement using dermal fillers is right for you. Connect with us today to get started!